Brian spends time with Siobhán. Jennifer voices her fears to Adam.

Radio Times: Brian sorts out his priorities.

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  • Ruth is taking an unaccustomed interest in the cricket, maybe as a form of displacement activity with the need for cow costumes looming. Adam can’t make the extra practices, and is evasive when David asks him about Brian’s ‘marketing conference’ in Dublin.
  • Brian enjoys time with Ruairidh and Siobhán, claiming that Jenny understands his need to be there. He tells Siobhán that if Jenny would only come and meet Ruairidh, she’d soon change her mind.
  • Jennifer is in a state, and burns the cakes she’s made for Alice. Adam tries to calm her down, but she’s sure Brian will choose to stay with Siobhán. Adam points out that Brian asked her to go there, so he must want to be with her. He suggests booking a flight, but Jennifer is adamant; she won’t see Siobhán or Ruairidh.
  • A meeting with Siobhán’s mother does little to raise Brian’s spirits. She clearly doesn’t want him to take Ruairidh, because she thinks she’ll lose touch with her grandson. Siobhán says it’s because Niamh and Ruairidh will be all she’s got. Brian reassures her; Ruairidh’s family can see him as often as they want.

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