Brian thinks he may have a solution to the footpath diversion problem.

Radio Times: Jack takes a walk down memory lane.

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  • Plans are well ahead for Lee Mason’s party but it’s one of the few high points at Grey Gables where the recession is having an impact.
  • Brice explains to Peggy the changes he proposes to her financial portfolio. The worst thing is that the shop is making a loss even with Helen renting the flat. He suggests converting the shop itself into a second apartment with a view to selling it in a couple of years. Peggy is shocked.
  • Peggy is so tired she dozes off on the sofa and when Jack wakes up he is determined to go for a walk with Captain. He ends up at Grey Gables where Caroline finds him in her office. Peggy is distraught that he has got out and is so apologetic even though Caroline assures her all is fine.
  • Adam is still worried about the head of stem Lynda is building up over the footpath diversion when Brian suddenly has an idea. He won’t say what it is but says to leave it to him.

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