Wayne’s Blues Night at the Bull is set to become a regular event.

Radio Times: Jim launches trouble at The Stables.

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  • Jim has met the owner of Jaxx. He obviously thinks he might be able to persuade him to change his mind over the bar. And is still determined to put him off astronomy with Phil by offering to pick him up from school in the Reilly – and then they are going to build a rocket! Shula is less impressed when she finds out and wants it dismantled. What happens if it upsets the horses?! But at least she compromises by suggesting they launch it from Brookfield as long as it’s a long way from the cows. Though when it’s put to David he is less than impressed.
  • Wayne is settling down at Neville Booth’s. And after the success of the blues night is feeling happier about his life too. He’s still a success at darts. Apparently quite a few people have been asking about it. Fallon thinks it should be once a week. Jolene is just about convinced but isn’t sure Sid will agree. But surprisingly he does.
  • Pip doesn’t seem to be settling down at college, she is worrying she has pick up difficult subjects and doesn’t seem to have made any friends. They’ve had the results of the soil survey. Seems there are a lot of imbalances which they will have to sort out.

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