Vicky is worried her garden won’t be finished in time for her dinner party for the Snells.

Radio Times: Lynda and Vicky join forces for the footpaths.

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  • Vicky tries to teach Lynda how to feed a baby, Abbie clearly still behaving as if she is a babe in arms instead of a toddler but she doesn’t have much success. Other than that she is ready for the new arrival even to the extent that it means Lynda can’t organise a Christmas show this year. She still has time to try to stir up trouble over the footpath diversion and persuades Vicky to walk it as often as possible.
  • Ed manages to bury the hatchet with Adam for not telling him about the new estate land and Adam even offers to sow the land for free. It’s time to choose the new cows now and even Vicky wants to get involved and wanting to give them all names.
  • Ian has been trying to help out with Jack. He is clearly getting too much for Peggy. Meanwhile Adam admits he is gutted about losing the Captaincy. He’ll have to kick everyone into shape when Alistair is busy. Ian is more interested in football – or rather the football birthday party at Grey Gables.
  • Vicky is devastated that the bench for Betty’s tree is unlikely to arrive in time for her dinner party for the Snells . She wants everything to be just right. They’ve got a lot to live up to.

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