Brookfield could be a bio-fuel partner. Shula blows off steam.

Radio Times: Kathy and Kenton get festive.

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  • David has had an email from his dad; they seem to have spent most of their time eating.
  • Meanwhile in Vienna, Kenton is demonstrating his map reading skills (or lack thereof). Kathy is really enjoying herself and Kenton reflects on how long it has been since he heard Kathy laugh so.
  • Ruth and David are planning work shifts for Christmas Day when Shula arrives, desperate to get out if the house. Shula lets off steam by telling about her house guest who now has the freedom to follow her out into the stables. She knows it is un-Christian but she could cheerfully strangle him. Ruth and David invite Shula to bring her father-in-law for supper on Thursday. Their next visitor is Adam, bent on explaining his bio-fuel plans to see if Brookfield could be a partner; they are certainly interested; they like the idea a lot.

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