Lilian succumbs to her green eye. Adam meets bio-opposition from Pat and Tony.

Radio Times: Matt keeps his options open.

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  • Lilian and Matt seem to be getting ahead with Christmas preparations, although in Matt’s case it is mainly business-related cards that capture his attention. The post brings good news: his application to develop an industrial site in Borchester into 200 housing units has been approved. Lilian proposes a celebration dinner at Grey Gables; Matt needs to make a call first – to Annabel to invite her for lunch.
  • Adam arranges to talk to Pat and Tony about his bio-fuel project. They give him a hard time. Use of land to grow crops for energy, rather than food, goes against their principles. They already use their own animal waste and keeping it within the farm is important for their organic status.
  • As well as celebrating his own success, Matt’s lunch date is to recruit Annabel, as a specialist in development law, for future projects that he has in mind. She doesn’t come cheap but gets results. She thinks that the two of them might make quite an impact in the area.
  • Later in the day, Pat is still brooding over Adam’s project; it makes her cross; he has clearly not thought it through. Lilian rides by; she has been out riding as an alternative to kicking the furniture – though she would probably kick Matt if he were there. She proposes to celebrate Matt’s success without him.

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