Caroline and Oliver provide some material for a rumour.

Radio Times: Oliver has been entertaining.

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  • Bert has got on top of his garden after his enforced exile at Brookfield and now has time on his hands. So he helps Neil with his pigs. He is showing a lot of interest in Lynda’s video of the wedding but when will it be edited?
  • Ed turns up early at Grange Farm in time to see Caroline leaving; say no more! Oliver is concerned that Ed is doing too much work for him at the expense of his exam preparation but Ed talks him round; he promises Ed the chance to concrete round the shed where he plans to house his beef cattle. When Lynda drops off one of her posters about the housing development Ed is able to pass on his observation about Caroline and Oliver.
  • Brenda is having a hard time over the interview in which she ambushed Councillor Chalkman. She has been put onto ‘soft’ stories for the time being, and might get the sack. She has decided that, when Brian warned her off, he just might have had her best interest at heart. She must talk to him again.

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