Chalkie realises Matt’s sold him out and tells him to watch his back.

Radio Times: It’s too little, too late, for Matt.

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  • Jennifer’s worried about facing the village if Matt goes to gaol. Debbie points out the village is stocked with lags, Susan Carter for one, and her brother. And Matt didn’t go after ordinary folks’ nest eggs; he did things on a bigger scale.
  • Annabelle still isn’t returning Matt’s calls. Lilian says Annabelle is one of many fair-weather friends. Matt realises he’s lucky to still have Lilian.
  • Debbie plans to visit Ambridge more often to support the family. Brian suggests she brings Marshall and she says she will; he’s keen to meet Brian. Brian explains the difficulty with Matt remaining on Borchester Land’s board. Debbie’s surprised Matt can’t see it and makes her excuses to make a couple of calls.
  • Matt thinks it’s Annabelle phoning, but it’s Debbie. She tries to get a time to visit but Matt worms so she tells him on the phone. He’s harming Borchester Land by remaining on the board and should resign. Despite her calm manner, an irritated Matt hangs up on her. The phone rings again, Matt starts by talking to Debbie, but it’s Chalkman!
  • Chalkie refuses to say where he is, but wants Matt to calm down enough so he can discuss his plan to get them out of trouble. Matt says it’s too late, and repeats this when Chalkie tries to persuade him. Then he points out he shouldn’t even be talking to Chalkie which sets alarm bells ringing and Chalkie suspects he’s been sold out. Matt says the best thing Chalkie can do is return and talk to the police. Chalkie warns Matt to watch his back. Matt tells Lilian if Chalkie does return, it won’t be to talk to the police.

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