Mike and Tom argue over Brenda. Susan backs down over Christopher’s tattoo.

Radio Times: Mike’s mouth gets the better of him.

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  • Roy and Mike are concerned about Brenda, but Roy strongly advises against either of them approaching Tom.
  • Emma popped into the shop to tell mum about Christopher’s tattoo. Susan thinks it’s an abomination and looks horrible. Christopher tries to explain that’s just the scab and it will improve but Susan insists he gets rid of it; what will Jennifer say? Susan carried him for nine months, he’s her son and he’s living under her roof. Get rid of it.
  • Mike bumps into Tom and gives him a hand. Politeness degrades to a slanging match; there’s no way Tom can trust Brenda again after she lied to him. Mike points out Tom lied about Helen hitting Mike in Tom’s car. Tom says that’s different, it was to the police. Brenda lied to him. Mike visits Roy at work and explains about the argument. Would Roy try talking to Tom else Brenda won’t forgive Mike.
  • Lynda’s search for a plinth occupier isn’t going well. Christopher suggests his dad and some hand bells. Lynda’s keen. She also thinks the tattoo charming and romantic and Susan, faced with a thousand pound bill for laser removal, backs done. Christopher can keep it if she never sees it.

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