Kenton’s chosen a tattoo design. Brenda collects her stuff from Tom’s.

Radio Times: Tom and Brenda have a parting of the ways.

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  • Kenton’s dismayed at getting a week’s notice from Emma. She’s got the job at Lower Locksley. Ruth already knew she was applying. Kenton thinks he’s the last to know but Kathy says she’ll ask Lorna if any other applicants might want Emma’s job at Jaxx.
  • Kathy’s very against Kenton getting a tattoo. She says it’s just because Christopher got one and Kenton does think he’s cool. It’s a pathetic attempt to keep up with a boy in his 20s. Ruth points out it’s cheaper than a sports car. Kenton’s got a design off the Internet; “Lucky in every endeavour” in Chinese, apparently.
  • Roy meets Tom for a pint. The bank have turned down Tom’s loan application. Tom makes it clear. He’s in the biggest mess of his life and the person he trusted most put him there.
  • Lorna would be happy to try and help with the Jaxx vacancy. And Kathy has another favour to ask her…
  • Brenda lets herself in; Tom didn’t hear her knock. She’s collecting the rest of her stuff. Brenda say that none of this is what she wants, but she thinks it’s best for both of them and that Tom will find a way out of the business mess he’s in.

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