Chandler is put down; Alan finds a new interest; Usha gets an interesting offer

Radio Times: Alice breaks the rules.

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  • Amy teases Alan about his role in the village play and his taste in porridge. He’s worried about Kathy; she’s worried about Alice. Usha teases Alan, too, when he meets her at Jaxx to talk about his bequest. He’s been left a motorbike by a parishioner, and has dreams of being a biker Vicar. Usha soon glazes over in the face of Alan’s boundless enthusiasm, but he invites her to take a test ride with him. She gets her own back by playing The Leader of the Pack on the juke-box – but she’s clearly keen to take him up on his offer.
  • Adam and Jennifer are preparing to face Chandler’s demise. Alistair arrives to put him down, and Alice bravely insists on being there throughout. Ed and Eddie arrive to dig the hole for his burial, but Alice insists that it should be in a corner of a field. Adam says it’s good arable land, and not suitable. Alice won’t even consider Jennifer’s suggestion of the orchard, so in desperation, Jennifer rings Brian for a decision.

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