Matt hears from his solicitor; Lilian has a surprise for him; Oliver is embarrassed.

Radio Times: Lilian is in the party mood.

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  • At the Bull, Matt happens to mention that his tenant, Owen, has given notice to quit, and paid a month’s rent in lieu of full notice. Sid immediately rings Kathy, who is very relieved. At last she can believe that he won’t be back.
  • Matt’s full of gloom; he’s had form E from his solicitor, and now he’s got to fight Yvette for every penny. Lilian promises him a surprise after her drinks party.
  • Ed and Jazzer put in some football practice at Oliver’s. Oliver demonstrates skipping as a fitness regime, but hurts his knee in the process. After the practice, Ed and Jazzer decide they need a shower, but there’s no hot water at the Grundys. Jazzer has an idea.
  • The drinks party is a disaster – only three guests show up, and Matt’s still moaning on about his divorce. A drunken Lilian decides to bring the surprise forward, and comes downstairs in her swimsuit. Her hot tub is switched on …
  • Jazzer’s mind is running along the same lines as Lilian’s, but he thinks she’ll be hosting her party for a while yet. He and Ed strip off and take the plunge, only to be discovered by Lilian and a horribly embarrassed Oliver, who was persuaded that it might help his injured knee. Lilian agrees to say nothing about her unexpected visitors as long as they don’t tell Caroline what Oliver’s been up to.

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