Kathy goes back to work; Neil’s preoccupation with the new house causes problems.

Radio Times: Jolene tires of sharing Sid.

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  • Kathy is still very vulnerable and shaky, but determined to give work a try. She rings Sid, who offers to drive her to Lower Loxley and drop Jamie at school. Their conversation is overheard by Jolene, who throws a major wobbler, demanding to know what’s going on. She knows the signs, she says, it’s just like when Sid ditched Kathy for her, but in reverse. Sid can’t stop, but promises to talk to Jolene later,
  • Betty’s feeling the strain of Neil’s house-build; he just hasn’t got the time to help with the hens any more. She tells Mike she needs more help from him. Mike doesn’t seem too keen on the prospect.
  • Elizabeth is delighted to see Kathy back at work, but concerned for her – Kathy looks very tired and drawn. Elizabeth manages to put her foot in it by saying that even Kenton was more reliable than Owen. She tries to pump Kathy for possible reasons for Owen’s disappearance, but Kathy won’t be drawn on the subject.
  • When Sid gets back, he tells Jolene the truth about Kathy. Jolene is filled with remorse for her lack of trust, and with concern for Kathy.
  • Betty’s not the only one missing Neil’s company; Susan is so fed up with him working all hours on the house that she does a shift in the shop, then goes home with Betty, to Mike’s annoyance. Neil is even missed at the bull – Joe Grundy was the only person there for Mike to talk to.
  • Sid phones Kathy to see how her day went. At first she’s quite positive; the new chef seemed all right, and she’s determined that Owen won’t get better of her. But then she breaks down. She feels that she’s let so many people down. Sid does his best to encourage her.

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