Clarrie has an enforced change of lifestyle. Helen opts for a change of lifestyle.

Radio Times: There is a staffing crisis at the Bridge Farm Dairy and Clarrie is trying to plan ahead.

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  • Things are not going well at Bridge Farm, with a blocked pipe and no replacement for Clarrie. Tony’s comment that Clarrie’s broken wrist may not be as bad as she thinks, followed by suggesting that Helen might help does little to improve Pat’s mood. He then launches into a rant about Kathy and Jamie. Whatever happens, they are not coming to lunch next Sunday. It’s Pat and Tony’s 36th wedding anniversary.
  • Helen rings, offering to come and help instead of going out with Kirsty, but Pat is adamant; she must relax and enjoy herself. Tom will do what he can.
  • Clarrie is frustrated by her enforced inactivity, but Eddie does his best to help – though this apparently doesn’t extend to cooking. His assurances that he has the turkey plucking under control fail to convince Clarrie, though. Pat calls by with some flowers. Poor Clarrie feels she has let Pat down.
  • Kirsty and Helen enjoy themselves at the Feathers. Helen actually rejects a salad in favour of venison casserole, and admits that her diet and exercise obsession were all about her, not the baby. She is so pleased the midwife shook her out of all that. On the way home she calls at Bridge Farm, and asks Pat if she will come to the next ante-natal class. Pat is delighted.

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