Jill speaks her mind at last. Dick Whittington kisses Alice at last.

Radio Times: Jill makes her feelings known and Harry is getting nervous.

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  • Lily and Freddie are longing to go skating, but Nigel and Elizabeth insist they must do more practice exam papers. When Jill comes to see the Lower Loxley Christmas extravaganza, she is saddened to see the twins being made to do so much extra work, though Elizabeth assures her they will have Christmas week off.
  • Harry asks why his hairdryer was in Jazzer’s room. Apparently Jackie stayed over and used it. Before he can have another go at Jazzer about his domestic habits, Fallon rings. She wants to know which scenes they are rehearsing later. Somehow it sounds more like an excuse to talk to Harry.
  • Jill speaks her mind over the twins. She thinks it’s unkind to put so much pressure on Freddie, and even if he does get into the Cathedral School, he will still struggle. Elizabeth explains that they want the twins to go to the same school, so Freddie must be pushed. Why, asks Jill – Borchester Green is a perfectly good school and they could both go there. Elizabeth finds it hard to come up with a convincing reply
  • Fallon is very giggly at rehearsal, knowing that they are rehearsing the famous kiss scene. Jazzer offers to show Harry how to do it, but is then called in to help Helen in the pack house. A worried Harry thinks he has been saved when Lynda announces that the absence of rats makes its impossible to do that scene, but Jazzer’s departure forces her to rethink, and the great kiss takes place to the plaudits of Nigel. He asks Harry whether he and Fallon are an item. Harry is amazed; Fallon is way out of his league. Somehow Fallon does not seem to share that view…

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