Clarrie is located with Rosie. Brian and Debbie hatch a plan to build the super dairy without consulting Adam.

Radio Times: The search continues. Meanwhile Debbie gives Brian food for thought.

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  • Clarrie still hasn’t come back. The whole family can’t understand where she is. Vicky is blaming herself. She explains to them that she’d overheard Derek Fletcher saying who would want a dirty woman doing their cleaning or letting her look after their kids. The Grundys give her short shrift but it occurs to Eddie that it’s Rosie’s birthday so maybe Clarrie has gone there.
  • Brian and Debbie are quite impressed by the super dairy in Nottingham. Debbie is very insistent that it will all work. And Brian agrees. She should come up with some costings – but not involve Adam for the moment. Debbie isn’t sure but Brian thinks it will be later, once Borchester Land has agreed that they should talk to him.
  • Eddie and Ed keep searching for Clarrie but no luck. Ed wonders whether she might have gone to the old quarry but Eddie won’t even look there. He can’t bear the thought that she might be there – he had so many things he still needed to say to here. Then William comes to join the search.
  • Finally, they get a call from Clarrie. She is with Rosie and Eddie sets of to go to get her.

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