Eddie brings Clarrie home and she still feels worthless but Eddie tries to convince her otherwise.

Radio Times: Eddie explains how he feels, and Tony’s placed in an awkward position.

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  • Joe is cleaning the house for when Clarrie gets back. Ed can’t believe it. Clarrie tells Eddie she just snapped when she heard what Vicky said. She just packed a bag and left. She even spent the night in a bus station. She feels utterly useless and it would be better if she wasn’t around.
  • Tony visits Joe to tell him how bad they felt. Joe blames Tony for sacking her even though Tony denies it. And he won’t listen to Tony claiming things are bad. They own the farm. It was much a more difficult for him as a tenant and when they have sorted thing out they should give Clarrie her job back.
  • Eddie tries to convince Ruth that there wasn’t anything wrong with Clarrie; she was just visiting her sister and wants things back to normal.
  • Eddie tries to convince Clarrie they will get through this, as they always do. She is the centre of his life and always will be.

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