William and Ed actually manage to put on a friendly face in front of Clarrie; Tom and Tony make their peace too.

Radio Times: There’s friction at Bridge Farm and Ed forges a curious alliance.

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  • Underwoods have given Pat and Tony more time to find the £10,000 payment. Pat is feeling very guilty about Clarrie and thinks she should go round but Tony says to leave it. Tom thinks she should. Tony and Tom are still at odds and Pat wishes they would sort it out. Family ties are more important than business.
  • Vicky asks Ed if she should go to see Clarrie to apologise and he agrees.
  • Tony does agree with Tom that he doesn’t have any choice but to rebrand the sausages but he wants Tom to keep working with the rest of the Bridge Farm brand. Tom says he will but they must modernise – especially the marketing. Tony agrees. All he ever wanted to do is to have a business to hand on. Tom suggests they may have to start again with a new name but Tony isn’t ready to give up that yet.
  • Ed tries to get William to go and see Clarrie together as if they are mates. William is rather cynical about it but does agree – just mates though, not best mates. It actually goes quite well. Then Vicky calls round and they make their peace too. Life’s too short.
  • Pat is reluctant to think about giving up the Bridge Farm name too. After all these years and all their hard work.

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