Joe celebrates a milestone. Clarrie faces the guests. Alice offers help at Bridge Farm. David saves hurt feelings.

Radio Times: Ambridge celebrates Joe’s 90th birthday, and Jim blunders into sensitive territory.

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  • Joe’s 90th birthday has arrived, and an anxious Clarrie is busy packing up food for the cider party. She would prefer to stay home and not face people, but Eddie points out that Joe would be very upset if she failed to come. David calls to offer transport, which makes Clarrie feel rather better.
  • Amy regales Alice with stories of her midwifery job. In return, Alice persuades Amy to join a party of volunteer potato pickers, to help Pat and Tony and show support.
  • The party gets under way and Joe enjoys himself greatly. Jim is in charge of Cribbage and Dominoes, but being Jim, has drawn up a complicated score conversion table which no-one else can understand. Bert is soundly beaten by Joe at Cribbage, which does not please him.
  • Jim makes a clumsy attempt to cheer Clarrie up by commenting on her appearance and the wonderful food. He then oversteps the mark by launching into a speech about the Grundys’ unhygienic method of cider production and the way it helps the drinker to develop immunity. Poor Clarrie is lost for words, but is rescued by David rapidly changing the subject.
  • Amy and Alice, followed by the potato pickers arrive, and are welcomed by Joe as temporary members of the cider club. They ask what being 90 is like, and Joe tells them it is greatly to his liking.

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