Eddie has a piece of news. Pip has a lot of photos. Who has got George’s book bag?

Radio Times: Joe and Eddie make a tentative suggestion and Will handles a complaint.

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  • Clarrie sounds almost her old self as she and her menfolk talk about the party. Joe is very appreciative of what she did to organise it, and they all enjoyed seeing the young people of Ambridge finishing up the food.
  • Will surprises Nic by coming home at lunch time. Emma has rung to complain that they failed to send George’s book bag home with him. Nic says she will look for it. Meanwhile she has arranged for Andrew to have the children after school and overnight on Thursday, so she and Will can have a rare evening to themselves.
  • Joe and Eddie urge Clarrie to sign on for Jobseeker’s Allowance, but Clarrie refuses. She was brought up to stand on her own feet, not scrounge. When they persist, Clarrie decides to go and see Nic.
  • Pip shows Ruth endless photos of the holiday in Dubrovnik. Pip thinks she will go to see Elizabeth, who failed to send David a birthday card, and show her all the Fresher’s week stuff from Felpersham. She wonders if David will think her disloyal, but Ruth is sure he will be fine about it. While Ruth sees to the cows, Pip offers their barn to Alan for the Harvest Supper. Ruth is none too pleased.
  • Nic searches for the missing bag without success. She wonders whether Emma has mislaid it, and asks Clarrie if she will have a look at Rickyard Cottage. Nic, too, tries to persuade Clarrie to sign on.
  • When Eddie gets home he finds Clarrie cleaning the windows. He has some news; there is a cleaning job going at the market. Clarrie and he could travel in together. Clarrie agrees to apply, and says she will go to the job centre, too. After all, it’s for all of them.

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