Clarrie makes an important decision. Lilian makes a lesser decision.

Radio Times: Clarrie comes to a decision and Lilian puts her foot down.

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  • After hearing the mother of the child with E. coli, poor Clarrie is more upset than ever. Eddie tries to reassure her, and says, somewhat unconvincingly, that now Bridge Farm is up and running again, Pat will soon be in touch. Clarrie is not convinced.
  • Pat is equally upset, and not helped when Lilian suggests that she came across as cold in the interview. Pat tries to point out that the interview was heavily edited, but Lilian has other things on her mind, namely the imminent arrival of James and Leonie. Pat us rescued by Kathy, who does sympathy rather more effectively than Lilian, and suggests a chat over coffee.
  • Still annoyed that Matt puts business before pleasure, Lilian decides to ignore him and go the Lynda’s party rather than the barbecue, after hearing some hints from James of possible announcements.
  • Clarrie is beside herself with remorse, and ignoring Eddie’s advice, goes to see Pat. With considerable dignity she offers her resignation, and despite Pat’s attempts to make her see that she was not entirely to blame, Clarrie is adamant. Very upset, she tells Eddie, who bravely says they have weathered difficult times before, and they’ll weather this one.

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