James and Leonie plan to write a book about Ambridge.

Radio Times: There is a celebration at Ambridge Hall and James and Leonie make a big announcement.

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  • Everything is looking good for the Garden Party. Lynda and Robert are expecting Leonie and James to announce their engagement. Leonie thinks it’s a quaint rural custom that people are bringing their own food and it will be great for them to talk to Eddie and Joe – such good value.
  • Tom is delighted that Clarrie has resigned and Pat is less than impressed with his attitude. He wants to tell everyone it’s Clarrie’s fault but Clarrie is determined he shouldn’t – it wasn’t all her fault. She must have got it from somewhere and Pat can’t be definite about when she actually reminded them about the 48 hour rule. Tom is not impressed that she is prepared to re-employ her in the future. But Pat will need Tom’s help in rebuilding the brand.
  • James and Leonie announce they are going to live together but no wedding announcement. The second part of their announcement is that they are going to write a book. The holiday blog went down so well they are sure their styles will complement each other perfectly. So they are going to write something like the Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady. They are going to call it “A little bit of heaven – a year in the life of a Country Village” and they’ll be able to accessorise the book with sales of tea towels and mugs. The parents don’t sound too convinced and Leonie storms off in a huff.
  • Lynda tries to soothe things over with Leonie by agreeing to a meeting with all of them in the morning before they go back to London. Other than that, everything at the party went perfectly. Ambridge was the right choice for them – the best move they ever made.

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