Lilian, Lynda and Robert don’t seem to be as keen on the Grand Book Venture as James and Leonie.

Radio Times: Susan makes the best of the new situation and James is looking for support.

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  • Susan and Pat are back working in the dairy. They’ll only be making a limited amount of ice cream but it’s really important that people know they have confidence in it. It’s good that Clarrie went to the Snell’s party but she still isn’t looking at all well.
  • James is annoyed that Matt doesn’t seem supportive of the book project. Leonie was really cut up that people didn’t get how amazing it was going to be. Moving in together seemed to come second place compared to the book.
  • James set out more detail about how they would get to the heart of village life, collecting interviews and visiting fetes and festivals. The photos will have to be very good but they’ll need top of the range photo equipment so will need some investment up front. Leonie tries to bribe them by saying it means they will see them more often. James claims his mate in publishing thinks it’s a good idea but Robert doesn’t sound so convinced and Lynda seems to think they might have missed the point about rural life. And what about paying contributors? And permission to use pictures of other people’s property. But that’s all detail to James and Leonie. And all of the adults seem concerned that Leonie believes Joe’s stories. They don’t seem convinced it’s a very good idea.
  • The Borchester Echo is still trying to pursue the source of the infection. Pat won’t give in and tell them – just that it came from outside the farm. She is worried if she said the right thing after the radio interview.

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