Gloom at Bridge Farm over being sued. Gloom at Keeper’s Cottage over no work.

Radio Times: Elizabeth says something she regrets and there is a worrying letter for Tony.

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  • They feared it and now it has happened: two of the E. coli victims are suing Bridge Farm for compensation. Pat worries about the other child; perhaps Shula knows them.
  • Eddie is doing his best to cheer Clarrie up bit it’s an uphill struggle. On top of everything else she is reading a lot into the fact that, at Lynda’s party, her quiche was barely touched; normally it’s gone in a flash. She needs to find some proper work; even shifts at The Bull seem to have dried up, so she will ask Jolene.
  • Pip is worrying over her exam results and Elizabeth offers a peaceful stroll in the vineyard.
  • Jolene will be in touch if she needs Clarrie but she doesn’t just now, though Clarrie had to run the gauntlet of regulars with their questions; she hopes she has successfully fobbed them off.
  • Elizabeth reports that Roy and Hayley are back from holiday but Roy is dreading Phoebe going off to South Africa. Elizabeth’s therapy working: Pip is beginning to feel more positive and talks about her ideas for marketing Brookfield lamb. She wants to ensure a place for herself at Brookfield when she has graduated. Elizabeth makes a comment about it being a difficult time for family farms; it doesn’t go down well with Pip.
  • Joe has suggested getting Clarrie to do car boot sales instead of Eddie, who can be earning more on gardening work. Clarrie’s mood lightens a little.

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