More ‘A’ level angst from Pip; when do the results come out?

Radio Times: Pip thinks she has made things worse. Meanwhile Jim does a good turn.

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  • Ruth is rejoicing in the fact that Josh has been helping her recently; he seems much more grown up and is interested in the farm. She is more worried about Pip, who in turn is worrying about her exam results.
  • Christine has a broken fence panel and is very grateful for Jim’s help to install a new one. In return he will stay for tea.
  • At Brookfield there is friction between Pip and Josh, no doubt also down to Pip’s anxiety. Pip reports Elizabeth’s remark about family farms – and the tone of it. Ruth flies off the handle – what does Elizabeth know about family farms – but later smooths things over with her daughter. Now Pip is disappointed not to have heard from Adam; she still wants to chat with him about her marketing ideas. Meanwhile she is happy to play with Lily and Freddy who have come to visit.

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