Clarrie nears breaking-point. Tom and Helen look to the future of Bridge Farm. Mike’s future looks increasingly bleak.

Radio Times: Tom and Helen plan for the future.

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  • There is still no news of Will, and Clarrie is in despair. She tries to keep busy at the dairy, but when she spills a load of yoghurt, she breaks down. Pat is understanding and calming, but Clarrie is feels ashamed that Adam has been dragged into it.
  • As Tom drops some supplies off at the shop, Helen talks to him about the future. They agree that they both want to see the family business continue when Pat and Tony retire, and agree to talk to their parents about arrangements. Meanwhile Helen is shocked to hear about Will, and wishes he had talked to her. She knows how isolating the job can be.
  • Tony is touched when he hears Tom and Helen’s news, but will, of course, have to talk to Pat. He tries to explain why they are still tenants, though Helen is all for trying to buy Bridge Farm.
  • Mike tells Ruth that Oliver is thinking of getting out of milk production, and asks whether Brookfield might be interested in supplying him with milk. Ruth is sympathetic, but says there is no chance; they are otherwise committed.

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