Will goes missing.

Radio Times: Adam is given cause for concern at Casa Nueva.

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  • A worried Adam rings Eddie to see if he knows where Will is. It appears that the pheasants haven’t been tended for 24 hours, and Adam can’t get any reply from Will’s phone or mobile. He tells Eddie he’s going straight round there.
  • Emma snaps at Susan while helping in the shop. Susan can’t understand why Will hasn’t taken George for the day, as usual, but Emma just says he’s working. She’s worried because she hasn’t seen Ed since the fight, but can’t tell Susan this.
  • Clarrie can’t get a reply from Will, either, and becomes more worried by the minute. She rings Neil, who realises how concerned she is, and even tries Nic. Emma tells Neil about the fight, though all his sympathies are with Will.
  • Adam forces his way into Casa Nueva to find Will’s dogs abandoned in the house. He arranges for them to be fed and watered, then checks the gun cabinet. Fortunately Will’s shotgun is there, but his bed hasn’t been slept in.
  • When Ed arrives home from Jazzer’s, where he’s been lying low, everyone’s appalled at his injuries. He offers to help Eddie search for Will, but they have no luck. He knows that he and Will have history, but he can’t bear the thought that Will might have harmed himself, and Emma is equally upset. Whatever has happened, Will is George’s father, and her friend.

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