Will and Ed come to blows with Ed taking the brunt of it. It isn’t clear what state his is in.

Radio Times: Passions run high for the Grundy boys.

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  • Alan is wondering if Ruth suddenly became an interior design guru with fixed ideas on furniture. David says it would be most unlikely with Ruth and wonders why he’s asking. Interior design is still proving tricky although Usha is working on him.
  • Alan gets the rough edge of William’s temper as well. He tries to get William to talk about things but except for saying the only thing that worries him is George, he clams up.
  • Ruth is still excited about the idea of keeping the cows out. The farm she has been visiting looks really great. It will mean dividing up the fields and introducing more water supplies. And they need more tracks – concrete railway sleepers seem to be the thing.
  • William goes to pick up George from Emma and finds only Ed there. William simply loses it and keeps yelling George is his and not Ed’s. It ends in a huge punch up with Ed getting the worst of it. Emma comes back and finds Ed on the ground. Will asks “Is he …” and Emma throws him out.

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