William is completely furious at the thought that Ed will become George’s step father.

Radio Times: Jealousy gets the better of Will.

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  • The date for the rebuilding works at Willow Farm sounds like it might be delayed. Might not be a good plan if the weather turns bad. Meanwhile Mike is having a look around to see if there are other milk suppliers. But he is still hoping Oliver will change his mind.
  • Oliver is still pretty much corresponding with Ed by notes and as a consequence hears Joe missing Mildred.
  • Usha is having a struggle with Alan over moving in together. They have far too much furniture. But Alan hasn’t quite come to terms with that.
  • Mike broaches Ed’s plan for selling more local food on the milk round with Oliver. And while he thinks it would have been a good idea without the infected herd, he isn’t prepared to consider it now.
  • Roy goes to visit Will. He simply isn’t replying to messages. Roy is determined to talk to him – even if it involves helping out. Roy is shocked to hear that Will is determined not to speak to Emma. Roy thinks that is wrong. Things were much better for him once he and Kate started to talk properly. For Will the worst thing is that he gets his son for a day and a half a week while Ed will have him the whole time. How long before George sees Ed as his real father? It won’t be long before Will has nothing left to live for.

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