Daniel melts Alistair’s heart and his parents try their best not to break William’s.

Radio Times: Daniel’s picture is worth one word.

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  • Alistair and Ruth are waiting for respective progeny outside the school. Ruth’s waiting to see just which seven pals Pip has currently got on her list for invites to her birthday party (the seven might be a constant number, but the members of the list are anything but). Daniel, though, steals Alistair’s show when he appears with a hand-drawn family portrait and one vaguely person shaped figure labelled “my dad”. (Shula, less sure, “my mum” has green hair!) Whether it’s a coincidence but Daniel manages to convince Alistair into the wisdom of letting him have a pet hamster. Shula, though, wonders about Daniel being confused about Mark.
  • Eddie’s got William a few road related gifts, some L plates, a “pass your test” video and a copy of the highway code. Joe’s not convinced he’ll be happy – maybe he’ll be happier with the package Caroline left for him. Meanwhile Clarrie slips a twenty pound note into his card – she’s happy to go short, after all – they’ve messed up, why should he have to suffer?