Marjorie can see more clearly and, unfortunately, Eddie can also see only too clearly what’s coming for them.

Radio Times: Marjorie the pirate queen!

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  • Marjorie’s back from her op and while the precision vision will take it’s time returning, the colours seem brighter (she’s looking forward to experiencing Lower Loxley’s tree-top walk). Marjorie’s grateful for Hayley’s help and support – which Hayley’s happy to give, after all, who was responsible for kicking her in Roy’s direction? Hayley bought Marjorie a print of the village photo (on sale now in the village shop, but hurry, they’re selling fast).
  • Pat overhears that Clarrie’s a little worried about William’s birthday and pays Clarrie early – Clarrie’s grateful but still doesn’t reveal their problems.
  • Pat wants to cost their proposed move into retailing, Tony’s happy with just costing, but he’s less happy with the idea of them having to produce a wider range of stock to keep the punters happy – it will be a huge commitment.
  • Eddie’s been playing lottery scratch cards (with no luck) – driving lessons are out of the question, but he’s happy to keep teaching William, because he’s mentioned a few times that he wants to learn officially. Meanwhile the ad for the tractor will appear in Thursday’s paper and while it will be sorry reading, it’s just going to be the first in a long line of sorry tales due in the next few weeks.