Jennifer’s starting to see sense and Pat and Helen have got big plans for Bridge Farm.

Radio Times: Pat has a few ideas of her own.

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  • Phoebe’s been at Home Farm again and had had another great time (this time with an old hat of Jennifer’s). No news from Kate (still) and even Jennifer is facing up to the fact that it may be some time before the wanderer returns.
  • Helen’s helping again at Bridge Farm and is looking to the future – dot-commerce, direct marketing, using the web. Tony’s pleased with the concepts, but the practicalities (and the time to research them) is of more concern – when will a computer pull leaks and email them to customers?
  • The Grundys problems are becoming obvious to all – many are report long faces and a lack of humour. Which isn’t a problem at Nightingale Farm – Mrs A is going in to hospital tomorrow for her second cataract op.
  • Pat’s also been thinking about their marketing future – she wants to look into setting up a new shop. Not on the farm this time, but on the High Street, to really take advantage of the burgeoning organic market.