The Grundys’ battle seems to enter its final phase and Jennifer’s not coping with Kate’s absence.

Radio Times: Eddie lifts the floorboards.

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  • Eddie and Clarrie are struggling to find a present for William’s imminent 17th birthday that they can afford – driving lessons are out of the picture. They’re worried about Joe – with lots of hints relating to his “giving up” and the cold weather …
  • David and Debbie are discussing possible designs for the lamb co-op’s products. Simon arrives for lunch and seems to put his foot in it with respect to Kate. Jennifer, it seems, is starting to not cope very well with her continued absence.
  • David gives Eddie a little extra for some work at Brookfield. He’s surprised, though, when Eddie offers him (at a bargain price) his tractor and hedge trimmer – after all, without that, what could he do his contract work with? Eddie does tell him the specifics, but does intimate that the situation is serious.
  • Desperate times call for desperate measures. Without telling Clarrie, Eddie has started putting cash in a tin and hiding it under the floorboards. What the court doesn’t know about, it can’t claim from them at the hearing. Joe’s shocked that he’s thinking of selling the tractor, but if they’re finished anyway, the tough decisions have to be taken.