Tim’s not quite the horseman, Daniel’s not confused about Alistair at all.

Radio Times: Phoebe draws a bead.

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  • Tim and Siobhán are at the Stables for some riding lessons and while Siobhán looks at a little one, Chester, and is nervous, Tim’s hidden past hints at experience and he’s confronted with Marcy, who’s huge.
  • While Roy’s on the phone and Hayley’s out of the room, he has a little scare when Phoebe swallows a small bead. He panic a little but was more shaken than she was and, ultimnately no harm is done.
  • Apparently Tim’s not as experienced as he made out – it was all a show because he knew Siobhán needed the relaxation and he didn’t want his nerves to put her off. She’s touched by his admission, but he’d rather soak in the bath than bathe together …
  • Daniel’s introducing Harry the Hamster to his new habitat, meanswhile he and his mum have a “dad” conversation. Far from not thinking about Mark, Daniel thinks himself lucky to have two!