Tim’s suffering but the Grundys are almost beyond trying to avoid theirs.

Radio Times: Tim says snap.

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  • Chris is at the surgery for some painkillers for her bad back (she’s off to the osteopath next week, though). In a distinct case of physician, heal thyself, Tim is suffers thanks to his exertions yesterday and empathises with her predicament and they end up discussing effective embrocations!
  • The transformations at Lower Loxley are in full swing, various rare breeds are in place already, the treetop walk is general finished (and is quite impressive it seems) and the plans for the shop (including a dynamic manager, Liam) are well in hand.
  • Eddie’s applied for a job as a herd manager at a farm at Waterley Cross, after all he has the experience and they will still need a roof if things go as badly as forecast. The advert for the tractor is in today’s Echo – at a knock down price (to promote a quick – cash – sale) and with a box number (to maintain secrecy from the rest of the village) ….