David realises that it is Rioriadh that is causing Brian’s worries about the farm – not Debbie

Radio Times: Ed and the cows are “vegging out” at Grange Farm.

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  • Joe is finding Eddie a bit much without a drink although it’s a long time since he’s gone this long. The tractor is finished anyway and David is very pleased with it. Ruth asks him if it was all the hard work and he says “yes, it was a hard slog but they got there in the end”.
  • Ed is thrilled Oliver has asked him to go to the Paris show with him although Jazzer doesn’t understand the attraction of cheese. Or indeed of Stacey who seems to be the new girl Christopher is attracted to now that his thing with Venetia didn’t work out. Jazzer knows Stacey so he agrees to pass on a message.
  • Mike tells Ed that his customers are complaining about the taste of the milk and when Mike finds out Ed has changed the diet of the cows to include swede, he tells him that has got to stop. But Joe says the way to do it is to give the cows the swedes after milking instead of before. Jazzer isn’t convinced that won’t cost them the business.
  • David tells Ruth that Brian has been to see Siobhan and Ruairi again. He wishes Brian would find someone else to talk to. And now David now feels guilty that he didn’t tell Ruth but he says he’s been firm with Brian now. Brian nearly ruined his marriage before and he’s risking the same again now that he’s seeing Siobhan behind Jennifer’s back. But David is sure that is what is behind Brian’s concern about the farm – not Debbie but Ruairi.

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