Ed asks for and gets his job as herdsman back. Sophie tells Elizabeth she is looking for some fun.

Radio Times: Ed finds good things come to those who wait.

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  • Ed comes across a dog worrying the cows. He tries to rouse the owners – the Robinsons Jazzer tells them. He is furious but doesn’t get any response. When the owner complains, Oliver backs Ed to the hilt though. It gives Ed the spur he needs to ask for his old job back – which Oliver is happy to give him.
  • Nigel finds Elizabeth overworking again early in the morning – the wedding is really taking its toll. Titcombe seems to be related to everyone and no one has said no. She won’t give up on anything that Mrs Pugsley wants and she isn’t taking proper breaks.
  • Sophie is trying to ingratiate herself with Nigel and Elizabeth too. There is still a lot to do for the fashion show but with Zandra Rhodes coming it should be a success. It’s causing so much extra work for Elizabeth, Nigel wants to do something special for her to say thank you. Sophie is finding things hard too – all work and no play – and she wouldn’t say know to a little of the latter!
  • The milk round is going well. Jazzer has signed up more customers. He’s enjoying it – he likes working with people. He’s also heard that Alan is now paying £20 a throw for going to Church. Oliver isn’t convinced that is quite right!

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