Ruth is still worrying about Sophie. Brenda changes her Uni course to marketing.

Radio Times: Ruth tries a brand-new look.

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  • Ruth is still teasing Helen about the journalist who keeps visiting the shop. Helen sounds a bit keener now. Ruth is still in a grump about Sophie and took her revenge for making David walk to Grey Gables to get the car. Even though she’s got nothing to do in Borchester she is going to let him stew. Usha thinks she should tell David how she feels but Ruth won’t. David won’t understand. She’s dreading the fashion show. She feels like she’s being forced to compete for her own attention on Sophie’s terms. Usha thinks she should take her credit card and use it. She deserves it!
  • Oliver is pleased with how the dairy is going. Jazzer is doing his job and Ed has been at the farm every day this week. He’s gradually building himself back up.
  • Brenda is interested in Helen’s journalist too. She thinks Helen will make the first move though if she’s going to catch him. She also needs to lighten up a bit. Brenda’s also heard a rumour that Alan is now paying people a tenner to go to church on Sunday. Helen thinks that’s a bit unlikely. Brenda has changed her course at uni again, now she’s planning to do marketing. Journalism didn’t get her anywhere. Helen sympathises with the idea of needing to move on. Mike is back at school too – he’s gone on a milk production course.
  • Adam is plotting to tease Debbie by sending her photos of weed ridden crops. Very juvenile! Debbie falls for it and Adam is delighted but Brian thinks the pair of them should grow up!

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