Ian begins to realise that Mads and the baby would never have worked. Sophie is definitely making an all out play for David, sealed with a kiss.

Radio Times: Ian faces a different sort of future.

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  • Ian is still very depressed. He could have been a good Dad. Madds really woke something up in him. Adam tries to comfort him but he doesn’t have any answers. He’s angry at himself for being so gullible. He knew what Madds was like and he still fell for it. Eventually, a bit of clearing up of the holiday cottage might help. After a heart to heart, Ian begins to realise that Madds was not really in a stable place to have a child. He never wants to see her again and he’ll never be able to trust her. It’s just the two of them now and that’s more than enough for Adam.
  • Sophie produces a birthday present at her drinks party – a rather nice bottle of champagne, for David and Sophie to share. Sophie is keen to stress how good David looks and how his clothes match his “summer glow”. David, of course, got drunk on the champagne and made a bit of a fool of himself with the local MP. The evening ends with a good night kiss.

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