Ruth is feeling very out of sorts – not helped by the attention Nigel is paying Lizzie.

Radio Times: A famous face adorns the catwalk at Lower Loxley.

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  • Ruth is worrying what to wear for the fashion show. But David thinks it won’t matter – no one will notice what she’s wearing anyway. Which helps a lot!
  • The fashion show goes well and Zandra Rhodes attracts the press. And Tom sees the chance to drive across in front of all the publicity shots. It turns out that Nigel’s treat for Lizzie is a weekend in Barcelona – but Lizzie isn’t interested.
  • Jennifer is off to the fashion show too and she ropes Adam in to joining her. He’s very pleased that Debbie fell for his little trick but he’s put her out of her misery now. But Debbie still managed to get in the last word.
  • Sophie puts her foot in it with Ruth endlessly at the fashion show – commenting that not everything is for fashionistas. Ruth isn’t anymore impressed that Sophie is planning to stay in Borsetshire for the foreseeable future to look after her Mum. And she’s even joining in the grape harvest.
  • The fashion show goes really well. But Ruth isn’t feeling well and wants to go home. Nigel asks Ruth for suggestions on what he can do for Lizzie. That doesn’t impress very much either.

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