Helen admits the midwife has told her the baby is small for its dates and blames herself.

Radio Times: Helen makes a confession and Jolene accepts a lunch invitation.

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  • Helen is still working in the dairy making cheese. It’s obvious to Tony that she’s upset. But Helen won’t say what’s the matter.
  • Kenton bumps into Jolene in Borchester and invites her back to Jaxx for lunch. Alongside gossip about the panto, Kenton reveals that Jazzer’s new girlfriend was really impressed with his cooking which is rather a shock to both of them. Seems like living with Harry is doing him the power of good.
  • Pat seems not to notice that Helen is practically in tears in the dairy and babbles on about baby presents. Finally she spots it and Helen admits that the midwife has told her the baby is too small and she’s really, really worried. Pat tries to reassure her but Helen says the midwife wants to keep an eye on it. Helen finally admits she may not know what she is doing and maybe it’s her fault. She wanted everything to be perfect and she’s messed it up like everything she tries to do.
  • Eddie is back in the panto – Nathan quit instead saying he couldn’t work in an “unprofessional environment”. Sabrina has presented him a bill for £45 for the dry cleaning of her top. But it was still worth it to teach Nathan a lesson.
  • Later talking to Pat, Tony tends to think Helen is right and might have damaged the baby but Pat thinks it will all be alright. Pat thinks Helen is just terrified something will go wrong and has collapsed at the first sign of a problem. She’s had such bad luck in her life – John, Greg, Annette. Pat in tears makes Tony say that both of them will look after her.

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