Helen obsesses over diet. Holly’s arrival makes Jamie walk out of Jaxx.

Radio Times: Jamie’s illusions are shattered and Helen is full of good advice.

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  • Pat and Helen congratulate Emma, and then obsessive Helen reels off dietary rules to avoid morning sickness and suggests attending antenatal classes together. A taken-back Emma is non-committal.
  • Kathy joins Pat and Helen for supper now Kenton is “finally helping out with Jamie”. Helen has a portion half the size of Kathy’s and says eating little and often suits her while pregnant. She is not eating for two; only 300 extra calories a day are required at this stage. We also hear how she isn’t happy at having to cut back from her full gym workout.
  • Pat is worried about Helen, especially the obsessiveness. Kathy points out the midwife should notice if anything is wrong but Pat thinks they look more for obesity. Helen is counting every last calorie.
  • Jamie did better than expected in his maths test. Picking Jamie up reminds Kenton of Wendy Clutterbuck. Kenton’s advice on how to get Kathy to ease off over time is getting somewhere when Holly arrives. What she says and her kiss with Kenton makes Jamie leave for the taxi rank. Kenton catches up and says that Holly really was just a customer when they last met and he hasn’t seen her in weeks but Jamie isn’t interested.

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