Sour William learns he is to be an uncle from Jennifer, and is a tad displeased. Kenton lightens Kathy’s school-run load.

Radio Times: Will’s feeling out of the loop and Kenton hangs out with Jamie.

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  • Emma and Ed’s happy news is spreading; Kathy congratulates Clarrie who makes herself scarce when Kenton arrives to take Jamie for a pizza. Kenton promises to have Jamie back on time; he has to revise for tomorrow’s maths test.
  • Kenton tactfully points out the error of Jamie’s ways, learns about the truancy and Kathy’s school run, and suggests to Jamie that if he has to go to school he may as well try and get something from it. Even Kenton got a few decent O levels. Later, Kathy is surprised to hear Kenton backs her in not having Jamie take the bus, but perhaps he can help by picking Jamie up tomorrow. She agrees.
  • William bursts in on Mum and Dad. Is it true what Jennifer Aldridge says, that Emma’s expecting? He’s angry and shouting. Same old William. This time he points out the irresponsible way Ed behaves with George, how he’s not fit to be a father, and how he’s sorry for any baby brought up in that house. And off he storms.
  • Eddie reckons it’s the embarrassment of hearing from Jennifer and William will calm down in a day or two. Clarrie hopes Nic will help, she has no axe to grind and William is very lucky to have her.

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