Mike keeps the con, and the peace, going between Ed and Vicky. Emma goes public, but Will is left to find out by himself.

Radio Times: Vicky bids a fond farewell and Emma spreads her good news.

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  • Pip is working hard selling tickets for the YFC Ball at The Feathers next Friday. Bert won today’s ploughing match and is hoping for the county championship with two matches to go.
  • Mike gets the calves off to market. Vicky unexpectedly arrives to see them one last time. Ed is not happy to see her but she stays out of his way. Ed gives Mike the total owed, £1,150; no labour charged, just his costs. Mike forges a detailed breakdown and prints it on Grange Farm paper for Vicky to approve. The calves bring £100 apiece, so that’s £350 left to pay. Vicky gives Mike the cheque, and Mike adds £30 himself as a thank you.
  • Emma tells Susan, David, and Ruth of the pregnancy. Susan is a bit put out Clarrie guessed when she didn’t but soon forgets, she is so pleased. Emma wonders if they should tell Will tonight, when Nic’s there but Ed says they shouldn’t worry about it, he will find out soon enough.

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