Mike smooths things over with Ed, but would Vicky approve of how? The calves go to market tomorrow.

Radio Times: Kathy stands her ground and Ed seeks advice from Mike.

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  • Ed and Emma agree it is time to tell the family about the pregnancy. Clarrie’s excited to be able to talk about it at last, but she is told to wait for Emma to break the news.
  • Lynda’s pantomime this year is Dick Whittington. She and Clarrie have noticed Kathy ferrying Jamie to school but don’t know why. Kathy is finding it a strain because of work but Jamie’s education comes first. Kenton arranges a meal out with Jamie on Wednesday.
  • Mike is apologetic to Ed on Vicky’s behalf. She knows she is not a farmer and never pretended she was, but she did put the effort in to finding veal buyers. Ed is talked round. He agrees to draw a line under it, which apparently is what Vicky wants.
  • Mike arranges for the calves to go to market early tomorrow. He may go with them but doesn’t suppose Vicky will want to. Ed raises Vicky wanting an itemised invoice. Mike says not to worry, just give him a total and leave the rest to him.

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