Ian is forced to speak unpleasant truths.

Radio Times: Ian gets an exercise in diplomacy.

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  • The Parish meets to discuss Brian’s offer of a parcel of land, and the future of the village shop. Lynda focuses on the green credentials of her burial site, and Neil pushes his idea of allotments. Both find plenty of negatives in the other’s idea.
  • Helen calls on Ian, wanting to know what he and Adam thought of Leon. Wrong-footed, Ian makes the excuse of making tea. But Helen won’t let the matter go, and Ian is forced to speak the truth.
  • Pat puts her ideas for a community shop to the Parish Council. They’re impressed, though Neil expresses his concerns over Susan’s job. Lynda and David offer their services on the steering group. Pat tells them Usha has offered to advise them on legal matters – but Pat is evasive when Neil suggests that Susan might be involved.
  • Ian tries to break the news gently to Helen that he and Adam found Leon rude, and voices his fears over Leon’s obvious interest in other women. Helen refuses to listen, becomes very upset and storms out in a temper. Ruefully Ian reminds himself that she did ask his opinion.

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