Vicky goes for gold. Pip shows that silence is golden

Radio Times: Lynda has some lessons in parenting.

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  • The Lower Loxley Christmas extravaganza means that Hayley must put in extra hours, so she asks Vicky if she could have Abbie for an extra hour. Vicky is delighted, and on her walk meets Lynda and Coriander with Oscar. Mutual cooing ensues.
  • David regales Ruth with details of the Lynda versus Neil debate at last night’s Parish Council meeting, while Ruth inseminates a cow. Pip arrives home early, saying her Biology class has been cancelled. She wants to do some more halter training with Merlin. Ruth is concerned at Pip’s lack of interest in her work at college.
  • Lynda voices her thoughts on establishing a routine for Oscar and keeping a journal of his every movement. Coriander politely but firmly puts Lynda in her place.
  • Pip and Merlin are doing well, as David observes, but when he tries to pursue the subject of her A levels, Pip brushes him aside.
  • When Hayley picks Abbie up, Vicky shows her the engraved gold watch she’s bought Mike for his birthday. Hayley clearly finds it vulgar, but manages to say that she thinks Mike will appreciate the thought. Then Vicky tells her about her idea of plastering Ambridge with posters of Mike down the years, to complement the gold and silver Mr Bubbles theme at the Bull. Weakly Hayley agrees to ask Roy for the photos

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