Lower Loxley plans a spectacular Christmas. Lilian plans a long-awaited visit. Grange Farm plans a new marketing feature.

Radio Times: Lilian’s patience is tested to the limit.

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  • Mike’s surprised to encounter Lilian at break of day. She’s staying over to help Peggy with Jack, whose behaviour is ever more challenging. Mike is sympathetic, but still manages to put his foot in it by mentioning Matt’s temporary absence from Ambridge.
  • Lizzie has booked some drama students to play bit parts at the Lower Loxley Christmas extravaganza. She’s concerned at the slow trickle of bookings, but Nigel says he’s got a bright idea, and rushes off.
  • As Mike gives Ed a hand with the broken silage feeder, he tells Ed about Jack. Both agree that it’s very sad to see Jack decline. Brenda, meanwhile, has a new idea for their marketing campaign – a cartoon cow. Ed tells Mike about the dinner party they gave for Oliver and Caroline, which was a great success. Now that they’re on the dinner-party circuit, says Mike, they must come and have a meal with him and Vicky.
  • Jack’s confusion and aggression ends in his breaking a table lamp, just as Matt rings. Poor Lilian has to ask him to try and ring later, as there is broken glass everywhere.
  • Nigel returns full of his idea – fake antlers to make Monty the Muntjac look like a mini-reindeer. Lizzie isn’t exactly overwhelmed at the thought, but wonders whether a living stable, using their cows and sheep might not work. Nigel’s all for it, as long as Monty can have a role.
  • Matt manages to ring again, with the news that he’s now in the open prison, and that Lilian can visit. Lilian can’t stop talking, making it hard for Matt to give her details of the pass she’ll need. But he’ll see her on Thursday.

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