Robert relishes his new role. Lynda has her eye on a new role. Phil is not happy about Jill’s new role.

Radio Times: The old traditions are the best for Phil.

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  • Lynda and Robert are wakened by Oscar crying. Robert gets up to check that all is well, and is followed by Lynda, who makes tea and toast.
  • Stir-up Sunday has come round again, and Ruth brings the boys to Glebe cottage to help make the Christmas cake and puddings. Phil has a 1928 sixpence to put in the pudding – it’s the year he was born.
  • Lynda is scathing about Larry Lovell’s latest G and S role, and then comments to Robert that it’s time Derek Fletcher was removed from the chairmanship of the Parish Council, since he rarely attends a meeting. What the council needs is dynamic leadership … her leadership. Somehow, Coriander fails to show much interest in Lynda’s latest enthusiasms.
  • Ruth helps Phil and Jill wash up, and they discuss this year’s Christmas arrangements. With Bert away, both Brookfield and the Bull will be short-staffed. They intend to ask Eddie if he can help out with milking, and Wayne has offered to staff the kitchen at the Bull. Jill has been roped in to dress up as a Victorian cook for the Lower Loxley Deck the hall project. She’s delighted, but Phil is not.
  • Robert and Lynda take Oscar for a walk while Coriander gets some sleep. They meet Ruth and the boys, but the boys are not interested in the baby. For Robert, having Coriander and Oscar to stay is the perfect arrangement.

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