Ian plots behind Adam’s back. Lynda puts a brave face on things.

Radio Times: Ian takes the deceitful route.

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  • Lynda’s troubled with hay-fever, and with Robert’s continued unemployment. She tells Ian they have cancelled their holiday in Knossos so that Robert can be free to take up a new job. The only problem is, nothing’s in sight for Robert.
  • Joe delivers the milk for the Brookfield calves, and compliments Ruth on the feeder she has made. The calves soon get the idea of using it, to Joe’s delight.
  • When Ian sympathises with Lynda, he lets it slip that he and Adam have had a bad patch. Lynda exudes sympathy, but Ian’s quick to assure her that they’re really moving forward now.
  • Other matters are moving forward for Ian, too. He and Madds agree to meet on Monday, but Ian won’t be telling Adam. Madds isn’t sure that’s the right thing to do, but Ian insists that Adam is coming round to the idea of the baby.
  • Joe offers Lynda a lift home on his trap, and isn’t exactly tactful about Robert’s redundancy, saying Robert’s on the scrap-heap and offering to get free milk for the llamas. Lynda is affronted.

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